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Addressing a growth industry

We are witnessing an alternative energy revolution. As the global demand for energy grows, the use of fossil fuels involves rising costs, environmental issues, and energy security concerns. We believe that the future demand for alternatives to traditional fuels creates an exciting investment opportunity.

The investible universe

Accessible Clean Energy was founded in Paris in 2009. A core belief of the founders is the importance of visiting companies that are spearheading technological innovation and maximizing returns on their implementation of those technologies.

Ultimately we want to make investors aware of the financial potential that the clean energy revolution offers.

Macro Considerations: A long-term attractive growth vehicle

The demographic imperative

  • Huge world population growth
  • Soaring energy demand

Cheaper technologies and greater accessibility

  • Innovations driving energy costs to near-grid parity, giving 75% of the world's population access to cleaner energy

Governments' long-term stand against greenhouse gases

  • While short-term trends are changable, there is a long-term concensus among governments regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases

Out-performance of energy prices vs. share indices

Natural gas cannot be the energy solution as long term prices are unpredictable 

  • Meanwhile, declining costs of renewables are guaranteed by technological innovation.


  • Identifying clean energy technologies that will be accessible to large populations in the future, and investing in well-run relevant companies that exploit those technologies.
  • Keeping investors abreast of the enormous and extraordinary technological innovations that are being ushered in by this new revolution.
  • Exploiting the under-research in this field to take advantage of a wealth of investment opportunities.